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Updated May 2022

The protection of your personal data is a serious concern for B2B All Tool Depot. This privacy notice describes how B2B All Tool Depot, together with their subsidiaries and affiliates (“Companies,” “we,” “our” or “us”) collects, processes, uses, and protects your personal data and your rights under the General Data Protection Act. The subsidiary or affiliate of the Companies with which you are interacting, luding who owns and operates the online portal, website or mobile application you are visiting, if applicable, is the data controller responsible for the collection and use of your personal data. This notice applies to our interactions with customers, suppliers, potential suppliers, job seekers and any other persons who visit us in for all other Companies websites and applications linked to this policy, as well as visits to one of our stores or offices, direct communications, conducting transactions or interacting with us through third-party websites (collectively for the purposes of this notice, the “Services“).

This privacy notice applies to all personal data we collect or process about you. Personal data is information or a combination of pieces of information that allow your identification. Below, you’ll find links to specific sections of the privacy notice or, if you prefer, you can scroll the page to view the full content.

  1. Personal data we collect
  2. How we process your personal data and the legal bases of your processing
  3. How and when we share your personal data
  4. Cookies and other technologies
  5. Your rights over your personal data
  6. Data security and storage
  7. International data transfer
  8. Your consent
  9. Links to other websites
  10. Children and minors
  11. Contact us
  12. Changes to this Notice

We collect your personal data from various sources, luding directly from you (for example, when you contact us or sign up for an account), information we generate about you during our relationship (e.g., data collected from cookies and other similar technologies when you visit us from our websites or other online addresses), and data  we collect from other sources, luding commercially available sources, such as public databases (where permitted by law). See our policy for more information about data collected online from cookies and similar technologies.

We may be obliged by contractual relationship or, by law, to collect certain personal data, being certain that the non-provision of such data may prevent, suspend or postpone the fulfillment of these obligations.

Personal data we collect directly from you

The categories of information we may collect directly from you lude the following:

(a) personal data (e.g. name, processing (not mandatory));

(b) contact details (e.g. phone number, email address, postal address or mobile number);

(c) account data (e.g. username and password);

(d) payment and transaction data (for example, when you make purchases, respond to offers or provide us with goods or services);

(e) application data (e.g. academic and professional qualifications, information on education and certification, training, professional qualifications, information on work-related skills, information contained in application letters and curricula/CV, and references);

(f) communications (for example, when we contact you by telemarketing or when you contact us with a question, comment or request); and

(g) interest in the product.

Information we collect about your use of the Services

Here are examples of other categories of data we may use about you (see our policy for more details):

(a) Technical information collected from your computer or mobile device (e.g. your IP address, browser type, operating system);

(b) Information about your use of our websites (for example, the pages you visit when using the Services, the search terms you insert into the Services, how often you use the Services and the pages you access before and after accessing the Services); and

(c) Information we generate resulting from your use of the Services (for example, our understanding of your interests as a result of your use of the Services and, if you are a regular or occasional user of the Services).

Information we collect from other sources

The following are examples of the categories of information we may collect from other sources, such as trade shows and third-party platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube:

(a) personal data (e.g. name, date of birth);

(b) contact details (e.g. phone number, email address, postal address or mobile number);

(c) details about advertising preferences (e.g. purchased products, interaction with online ads); and

(d) details about participation in trade fairs or affiliation to trade, industrial or commercial associations.


We may use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Identification and authentication: We use your identifying information to verify your identity when you access and use our Services and to ensure the security of your personal data. This happens so that we can fulfill our contractual obligations to you.
  • Operation of the Services: We process your personal data to provide goods or services that you have requested. This happens so that we can fulfill our contractual obligations to you.
  • Improving our Services: We analyze information about how you use our Services to provide an enhanced experience for our customers, luding product testing and website analytics. We are legitimately and commercially interested in using the information provided to us for this purpose, so that we can understand any problems with our Services and improve them.
  • Communication with you: We may use your personal data when we communicate with you, for example, if we are providing information about changes to the terms and conditions or if you contact us with questions. We are legitimately and commercially interested in being able to provide you with the appropriate answers and inform you about our Services. We can do this to promote our contractual relationship with you or your company or for pre-contractual measures.
  • Marketing: We may use your personal data to send marketing information or to build a profile about you and place you in specific marketing segments in order to better understand your preferences and appropriately personalize the marketing messages we send. In this situation, we have to obtain your consent (e.g. ask you to accept) before sending such marketing messages and to provide promotions, special offers or more defined and interesting advertising messages.
  • Conduct negotiations with you: If you or your company provide us with services, or we attempt to do so, we will collect your personal data when you provide us with information about your services or your company and when we conduct negotiations with you or your company. We are legitimately interested in communicating with suppliers and potential suppliers and their staff. We also process your personal data from suppliers to promote our contractual relationship with you or your company or in favor of pre-contractual measures.
  • Job application assessment: If you send us a job or job application, we may use any personal data provided in your application. We are legitimately interested in treating and evaluating the qualifications of potential employees. We also process the applicant’s information in promoting pre-contractual measures.
  • Exercise of our rights: We may process your personal data to exercise our law-provided rights where necessary, for example, to detect, prevent and respond to fraud claims, claims of intellectual property infringement, or violations of the law or our Terms of Service.
  • Compliance with our obligations: We may process your personal data to, for example, perform fraud prevention checks or comply with other legal or regulatory requirements where explicitly required by law.
  • Personalize our experience: When you use the Services, we may use your personal data to improve your experience of the Services, such as providing interactive or personalized elements on the Services and providing you with content based on your interests. We are legitimately interested in providing our customers and users with an experience that is best suited to their interests.

We may also make your personal data anonymous in such a way that you cannot be identified by us or any other company, and we may use this anonymous information for any other purpose.


We do not share, sell, exchange or rent your personal data to unrelated third parties for marketing purposes. We may share your personal data with third parties in the following cases:

  • Service providers and business partners: We may share your personal data with our service providers and business partners who provide us with marketing services and other business operations for the purposes set out above. For example, we may partner with companies to process secure payments, fulfill orders, optimize services, provide online behavioral advertising, send newsletters and marketing messages, support email and messaging services, and analyze information. These service providers and business partners may lude advertising agencies and fraud prevention agencies that will use your personal data only in the forms described in this policy.
  • Group companies: B2B All Tool Depot. works closely with other companies and companies belonging to the B2B All Tool Depot group. We may share certain information such as contact information, financial account information, negotiations and communications with other B2B All Tool Depot group companies for marketing, security, product optimization and internal reporting purposes. We do this for the purposes set out above, always with your consent.
  • When required by law: We may share your personal data with law enforcement authorities, courts, other government authorities or third parties where we believe it is necessary to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation, or otherwise to protect our rights or the rights of others.
  • In the context of a negotiation: We may share your personal data with potential business partners, service providers, consultants and other third parties linked to the payment, negotiation or conclusion of a business transaction where we are acquired or merged with another company or sell or transfer all or part of our assets or business. If such sale or transfer occurs, we will use all reasonable efforts to compel the entity to which we transfer your personal data to use it in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Notice.
  • As requested by you: We may share your information with third parties to respond to your requests. For example, if you request pricing information for a product that we do not sell directly to end users, we may forward your request to a third party who does so in order to respond to your direct query.

We will endeavor to impose contractual obligation on recipients of your personal information to ensure that they process your personal information within the scope of your consent to us or other lawful basis under applicable law, and we will endeavor to ensure the recipients comply with our security standards to make sure your personal information is protected.


We may use cookies and similar technologies to collect some of the information described above. A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your device. Please see our policy for more information. Cookies may be used to collect information over time and on third-party websites.

If you do not want your information to be stored by cookies, you can configure your browser to always reject these cookies or ask each time whether you want to accept them or not. However, you should understand that choosing to reject cookies can reduce the performance and functionality of our websites. Your browser documentation ludes precise instructions explaining how to set cookie acceptance. Although at this time the Companies ‘ websites do not recognize automated browser signals regarding tracking mechanisms, such as instructions to “do not track”, you may generally express your privacy preferences regarding the use of most cookies and similar technologies through your web browser.


In accordance with the laws of certain countries or states, you may, where applicable, have certain rights in relation to the personal data we keep about you, subject to local laws. This may lude the rights to access, correct, delete, restrict or contest our use of you, or receive an electronic copy of your personal data. Whenever you give your consent to any use of personal data, you may withdraw that consent at any time. You may also have the right to lodge a complaint with the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD). Even in countries where you do not have such rights, you may have the ability to review, correct or update some of your personal data by contacting us through the information provided below. If you wish to discuss or exercise any rights you may have under the legal framework, please contact us at the contacts indicated below. Please note that we may request your additional information to fulfill your own requests. You can also unsubscribe from emails you receive from us by following the unsubscribe link in the email or by sending an email to the contact information below.


The CCPA provides California residents (“consumers”) with the following rights:

  • Right to Know: Consumers have a right to request information about the categories of personal information we have collected, used, sold, and disclosed about them, and the categories of third parties with whom we have shared their personal information. Consumers also have a right to request that we disclose the specific pieces of personal information we have collected about them with certain exceptions.
  • Right to Delete: Consumers have a right to request the deletion of personal information that we have collected from them, though certain exceptions may
  • Right to Opt-out of Sales: California law treats disclosures of personal information in exchange for valuable consideration as “sales.” Consumers have the right to opt-out of such sales. As stated above, B2B All Tool Depot’s disclosures of personal information do not constitute a sale under the CCPA.
  • Non-Discrimination: We may not discriminate against you for exercising your rights under the We may, however, provide a different level of service or charge a different rate if the difference is reasonably related to the value of your information.

Please note that the CCPA ludes an exemption for certain personal information that is collected in a business-to-business (“B2B”) context. Therefore, the rights described above do not apply to personal data that is subject to the B2B exception. Also, for California job applicants, employees, and former employees of our US B2B All Tool Depot affiliates, separate notices and policies exist which inform them about our activities and their rights under the CCPA with respect to their personal information.

If you are a California resident, or an authorized agent acting on behalf of a California resident, and would like to exercise your right to know or delete, please email or submit a CCPA Data Privacy request via B2B All Tool Depot’s global hotline at 1-888-858-5168 ext. 713. All CCPA requests must provide sufficient information for us to reasonably verify the identity of the person making the request, therefore we require that you provide us two or three pieces of personal information which we will match to personal information we maintain in our records. Only you, or someone legally authorized to act on your behalf (i.e., your authorized agent), may make a request related to your personal information. We may require an authorized agent to provide verification that they are acting on your behalf when they submit a request related to your personal information.


We have security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control. We retain your personal data for as long as we have a relationship with you and for as long as necessary for legitimate business purposes. We take into account our legal obligations when deciding how long we will retain your personal data after the end of our relationship with you. We may also retain records to investigate or defend against possible lawsuits.


Your personal data may be transferred, stored and processed in a country that is not considered to be one that provides the same level of protection of personal data as the laws of your country and may be available to the government of those countries under the legislation, in a request made in those countries. We implement appropriate safeguards (such as contractual commitments) in accordance with applicable legal requirements to provide adequate safeguards for your personal data. For more information on the appropriate safeguards in place and to obtain a copy of these safeguards, please contact us at the contact information provided for in this document.


By using this site and, to the extent permitted by applicable law, you are aware of our policies and the terms and conditions described herein. You are aware that any comments submitted by you to the Site will not violate any third party right, luding copyright, trademarks, privacy or other personal or property rights. You are also aware that any comments submitted by you to the Site will not or will contain slanderous or otherwise illegal, abusive or obscene material. You are and will remain solely responsible for the content of any comments you submit.

Any comments, suggestions, ideas or other communications sent by you will become and remain the exclusive property of the Companies. We shall have the right to use, reproduce, disclose and distribute any material submitted by you for any purpose, without restriction and without payment in any way. Do not send comments or materials that you do not wish to give us.


This site may contain links to websites controlled and operated by other entities, luding our business partners and suppliers of the Companies. Companies are not responsible for the content, privacy or security practices of any other site. We recommend that you review the privacy practices of these sites when visiting them.

The Companies make no statement regarding the content or accuracy of the materials on such third-party websites. If you decide to access the linked third-party websites, you do so at your own risk. The Companies shall not, however, be part of any contract entered into by you, the user and any third party as a result of contact with the sites linked to this site and therefore do not in any way guarantee the performance of any third party under any contract. You hereby disclaim the Companies and their affiliates from any damages you, and agree not to make any claim against the Companies arising out of the use of these third-party products or services, or from the breach of any third-party agreement.


Companies make no active effort to collect personal data from children under the age of 18 and do not wish to receive such information.


The Companies are responsible controllers for personal data that are collected and processed. If you have questions or questions about how your personal data has been used, please contact us at

We are committed to working with you to obtain a fair solution to any privacy complaint or concern. If, however, you believe that we have not been able to help you with your complaint or concern, you may have the right to make a complaint to the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD).


We may modify or update this privacy notice from time to time. If we make any revisions that  significantly alter the way we process your personal data, we will notify you of those changes before applying it to personal data. To the extent permitted by applicable law, continued use of this site after posting any addition, modification or change will constitute your science. As such, periodically check these Notices to be informed of any changes.